Dylan and the Ties That Bind

If you look up and only see out the windows from the White Horse Tavern tonight, it looks like the same New York that would have been there 54 years ago – Dylan’s New York. The wood paneling, the tops of buildings, the tin trimming and fire escapes, the bare tree branches in February and the snow gray sky.

Robert Zimmerman was born in Hibbing, Minn. Bob Dylan was born in New York.

Or, more likely, he was born in Bob’s imagination walking along the tree-lined streets back home, or after a movie marathon at Hibbing’s Lybba Theater. No one knows for sure how long Robert Zimmerman planned Bob Dylan, but we all know a thing or two about escaping when we’re teenagers. Escaping the suburbs for the city, escaping the city for someplace else, escaping the ties that bind us home for the rest of the world.

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