Don’t Think Twice: Why Dylan?

dylanThree years ago, I dove into Dylan research, beginning a dream to write a book or a screenplay about a man I previously didn’t know too much about. Since then, I’ve read, watched and listened as much as I could, comparing and contrasting these works, testing out my own theories, occasionally putting the pen to the paper.

So, why Dylan?

He’s a mystery. Someone who we’ll be theorizing about and intrigued by for long after his death.

Dylan was enthralled by Great American Stories – tales like the 1927 Mississippi River flood that leveled our consciousness as wide groups of people and captured the spirits of many. He’s a maybe bootstrap train jumper who ditched his hometown, moved to the big city, then made it big and became a Great American Story himself. He’s an artist that’s contributed so much to the songbook of our nation, yet has somehow remained shrouded in mystery. A thousand people would have a thousand ways of describing him. Hundreds of books exist in the ethereal world – about his music, his lyrics, the historical markers present throughout his songs – yet he’s impossible to define.

Like freedom. Like joy. Like love.

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